Winter Blah’s – How to avoid the Rut

The snow, the cold, the dull & short dark days can get to a person after a period of time if you happen to NOT be a fan of the Winter cold. I have a few ideas to get you through this upcoming period of time.

First of all – Don’t miss out on the good days – The SUNNY bright ones! That’s the perfect mood lifter so make sure you get out and enjoy the sun. AND….CAUTION on the overeating. That comfort food can leave us feeling pretty full, sluggish and bloated-especially when you want to become a couch potato.

Learning something new can be a great distraction and keep the mind busy. Yoga/meditation can also be a great distraction and leave your body feeling pretty good too. Get out and get active! It’s the perfect time to try that new class you’ve thought about taking that you never had time for.

Enjoy your favorite music by pumping the tunes and giving yourself a mood boosting dance.

Book a trip! A day, a weekend or something Tropical, or perhaps book a dinner date with friends. Something to look forward to always creates excitement.

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