Tech to keep you moving!

Fall is a beautiful time of year but sometimes the weather just doesn’t like to cooperate. When the rain and snow hit and you need something to keep you little ones active, incorporate technology for a fun and unique method of staying active.

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • This YouTube series makes yoga engaging with its different themes including Moana and dinosaurs. Kids and adults alike can follow along with Jamie and she takes you through yoga, stories and fun!

2. Go Noodle

  • Easily make a family account to gain access to fun fitness videos. With a variety of themes, you can choose videos geared toward a specific subject in school (ie math, language), mindfulness, or motor skills. This website is great for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 6.

3. Just Dance

  • This started on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox gaming systems. If you have one, it’s great to let the kids choose their favourite song while adding in some healthy competition between siblings and parents. However, gaming systems can be expensive! If you don’t have one in your home, YouTube is full of Just Dance videos, all while still getting the benefits of exercise. Type in “Just Dance Kids” into the search bar for a whole list of songs to choose from

Do you have any other ways tech helps to keep you active? We would love to hear about them!

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