Share the Road

We are heading into the last month of the summer before kids return to school. The tragic collision involving a cyclist in Meaford with an impaired driver has many people wondering about the safety of our roads.

We Are In This Together

Grey Bruce County is largely a rural area with many roads having only two-lanes, which means bicyclists, motorists, agricultural equipment operators, horses and riders and pedestrians will be sharing the road. Bicycles are considered vehicles (Ontario Highway Traffic Act) and have the same rights and responsibilities on our roadways as motorists.

Being smaller and quieter than a vehicle, a cyclist has no ‘crumple zone’ and a little mistake by a motorist can result in serious injury or death for a cyclist. Everyone needs to be familiar with the rules of the road and be respectful of the rights of other users.

For those who have been involved, lost loved ones, or those who have suffered injury, life will never be the same.

Share the Road, cycle safely and drive with care.

  • Be Courteous
  • Be Predictable
  • Be Visible
  • Follow the Rules of the Road
  • Ride on the Right
  • Take Care of Your Gear and Yourself

Motorist remember to Share the Road

  • Pass with Care
  • Yield to Cyclists
  • Watch for Cyclists
  • Communicate with Cyclists

Learn More about MADD Canada’s Services and Resources for Victims

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