Safety Hacks for Active Play

From parking lots to playgrounds, children will play anywhere they get the chance. They can’t help it—play is part of kids’ DNA.

It’s important for parents to keep kids safe and coach them on how to assess the risks around them. This challenge is made easier by sharing little “hacks” that set age-appropriate limits for children without getting in the way of their play.

Actress Kristen Bell (the voice of Anna in Frozen) popularized one of her #safetyhacks when she uploaded a photo of her children with their “hands on the circle!” In the caption, Bell explained the technique that keeps her energetic daughters safe while she unloads the family car: she tells them both to place one hand on the vehicle’s gas cap.

Her simple (yet genius) parenting tip quickly went viral, and began a lively conversation online about safety when it matters most.

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In addition, the National Safety Council offers some specific ideas on how to ‘be safe when being active’ both in the winter and summer months. You can also check our PLAY Bruce Grey injury prevention for resources for teams and sports.

For more information and resources on any of these topics please visit the Grey Bruce Health Unit

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