Resolutions Anyone?

Resolutions, who makes them and do they keep them? Perhaps you are one of many who have looked to a new year as an opportunity to start fresh, begin again, or start over.  Studies suggest that 80 percent of people will quit their resolutions by mid February. What is it that makes this time the right time and how can we make resolutions to last?

Some things to think about to help your chances succeeding are to set goals that can easily be tracked. Consider creating SMART goals that are attainable  and instead of eliminating something consider adding things to your life. Think about sharing your resolution or goals with someone, so they can support you in sticking to it and lastly, you don’t have to make one. It is totally okay to not make a resolution at all.

Katarina Eke, the program coordinator from Arron-Elderslie shared these thoughts on New Year’s resolutions from the you might just be able to keep!

  1. Eat more whole foods
  2. Sit less and move more
  3. Get more quality sleep
  4. Limit or cut back on your screen time
  5. Find a physical activity you enjoy
  6. Cook more meals at home and with others
  7. Spend more time outside
  8. Rely less on convenience, process and packaged foods
  9. Add more veggies and fruit to your diet
  10. and add more plant based proteins to your diet

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