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Skipping in Meaford

Provides an opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis.


Contributes to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


Save money on gas and parking, and reduce hours spent at the gym.

Find ways to integrate active transportation into your life by finding communities, workplaces and schools that support an active lifestyle.


Does your community…

  • have dedicated bicycle lanes and routes?
  • advocate for sharing the road with cyclists?
  • provide storage for bicycles throughout the community?
  • make access to public transit?


Does your workplace…

  • support and encourage their employees to adopt active transportation
  • provide secure bicycle storage, lockers and shower facilities
  • allow more flexible dress codes
  • organize workplace challenges


Does your school…

  • work with parents and the community to make the trip to school safe
  • support and encourage students to adopt active lifestyle
  • offer cycling and in-line skating skill and safety courses
  • identify the safest routes to get to school