Plans for Family Day Weekend? Check out these 6 budget-friendly winter activities for your family.

Family Day is supposed to reflect the values of family and home that were important to the pioneers who founded Alberta, and to give workers the opportunity to spend more time with their families. It was introduced in Saskatchewan in 2007 and in Ontario in 2008. British Columbia observed Family Day as a statutory holiday for the first time in 2013, New Brunswick in 2018.

Holidays to celebrate families are also held in other places around the globe. In the Australian Capital Territory, the first Tuesday of November is known as Family and Community Day. In South Africa, the day after Easter Sunday is Family Day

What are you plans?

Have you ever gone skiing with your family only to realize you blew your entire activity budget in one afternoon? Yep. Been there. Skiing in the mountains (or travelling to sunny destinations in the winter) sounds nice in theory, but those aren’t always accessible options for many of us and a bit complicated this year. Here’s how to stay active together (in a COVID-friendly way) without breaking the bank.

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