HOW ARE YOU #reallyfeeling?

How are you #reallyfeeling about the COVID-19 pandemic?

This is an opportunity to share your story and have your voice heard. Children, youth, teens and young adults need to have their stories told. Speaking and sharing about your experience opens the doors to others having a better understanding of what youth are going through and what they need.

Follow the link, add your story. How are you #reallyfeeling about the COVID-19 pandemic?

Did you know…? Brain research indicates that the part of the brain that perceives rewards from risk, the limbic system, kicks into high gear in early adolescence. The part of the brain that controls impulses and engages in longer-term perspective, the frontal lobes, matures later. This may explain why teens in mid-adolescence take more risks than older teens. As the frontal lobes become more developed, two things happen. First, self-control develops as teens are better able to assess cause and effect. Second, more areas of the brain become involved in processing emotions, and teens become better at accurately interpreting others’ emotions.

So, keep this in mind when you see a teen or youth. Their brain is developing and their behavior during that time can be characterized by impulses, risk-taking, escalating emotions, and a lack of thought for consequences.

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