Healthy for the Holidays. Merry FITmas to All!

With temptation at every corner during the Holiday Season it`s hard to keep our eating on track. Celery sticks are not going to cut it when cookies are on the next plate we know…. BUT here`s some food for thought (so to speak).

As a hard fast rule we usually don`t CHEAT: In life, on tests, exercise & diet, or marriage. Giving ourselves the green light to eat anything & everything we want is simply going to leave us feeling good for a short amount to time. Sugar rush happens quickly when absorbed and the `crash` happens a little while after, leaving us falling into a cycle of ups and downs. Moderation is key! Go ahead and have that goodie we normally deny ourselves, but resist the urge to gorge and overeat. EASIER said than done I know. The average weight gain for the Holiday Season is 7 pounds! This is not the time to stop your regular routine of exercise, this is the time to add a few minutes into your workout. Simply adding 5-10 minutes more will help cushion the results of goodie calories. There is never a poor time to start a regular exercise routine so give some thoughts to a morning walk before a yummy Christmas Dinner or a Staff Party.

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