10 Active Elf on the Shelf Ideas

a lone elf on the shelf swinging on a candy can tied to a shelf

It’s less than 10 days before our household elves head back to their homes. These little Elves like to stay active while they are on the road so try a few of these favourite Elf on the Self ideas from Active for Life. Remember, most elves between the ages of 5-17 need 60 minutes of exercise per day!

Here are their top 10 favourite active Elf on the Shelf ideas (be sure to scroll down on some of these pages to find the image):

  1. Flour snow angels
  2. Swinging on a toilet paper roll
  3. Snowball fight with Buzz Lightyear
  4. Sledding
  5. Skating 
  6. Potato sack race
  7. Gymnastics
  8. Ziplining
  9. Bowling
  10. Ballet

Maybe that silly elf will even inspire your family to be a bit more active this holiday season, too. We’re pretty sure that extra activity would encourage some positive reports back to the North Pole, after all.

Photo: “Elf on a Shelf”  by Leslie Banner from Pixabay

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