Here are some of the questions we are asked most often:

QuestionWhat is PLAY in Bruce Grey?


PLAY in Bruce Grey is the local physical activity strategy designed to encourage residents to become more active through play.

QuestionWhy PLAY?


Research supports the need for more unstructured, informal activity in everyone’s life.  Play is an essential part of childhood development.

o Play is spontaneous, accessible to all and low cost/free.
o Play occurs when you want, how you want and respects personal choice.
o Play brings families, neighbourhoods and communities together.
o Play requires little or no skill and no special equipment.
o Play is a universal concept and provides personal meaning to physical activity.
o Play can happen anywhere and does not require special facilities or organization.
o Play is well understood by children and can be shared with their families.

QuestionWhy was the PLAY in Bruce Grey strategy developed?


Grey and Bruce counties have a higher proportion of residents who are considered obese than the provincial average (19% vs. 15%).  In total, approximately, 52% of Grey Bruce residents were consdiered to be overwieght or obese. In 2005, only 56% of Grey Bruce residents were considered active or moderately active.

QuestionWhat are the goals of the PLAY in Bruce Grey strategy?


The goals of PLAY in Bruce Grey are:
o To educate residents about the health benefits of daily physical activity
o To create opportunities for a collaborative and community specific strategies to increase physical activity
o To increase the number of residents who are regularly physically active 


QuestionWhat do PLAY Networks do?


Local PLAY Network (LPN) volunteers are community members that are passionate about making their communities more PLAY-friendly.  Supported by their municipality and public health, PLAY Networks work within their municipality to encourage opportunities for physical activity.  LPN's are provided with a suggested ‘menu of choices’ and are encouraged to choose initiatives that are best suited to their municipality.

LPN's are able to promote opportunities for play in their community by:
o providing education and awareness
o offering opportunities for skill building
o supporting neighbourhood collaborations
o facilitating supportive play environments
o advocating for community support for play

PLAY in Bruce Grey

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